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The Tide of Change for Our Oceans

Our mission is to harness the power of blockchain technology to protect and preserve the world’s oceans and seas. Join us in making a splash for a sustainable future.

The Plight of Our Oceans

Our oceans, vital to life on Earth, are facing unprecedented challenges. Overfishing, pollution, and the threats of climate change are putting immense pressure on these crucial ecosystems. The time to act is now.

Overfishing: A Deep-Sea Crisis

Overfishing is depleting marine life at an alarming rate, threatening entire species and the balance of marine ecosystems. It's not just about saving fish; it's about maintaining the health of our entire ocean.

Destructive Fishing Practices

The methods used in commercial fishing, such as bottom trawling, are devastating to the ocean floor and non-target species. Sustainable fishing practices are imperative for the survival of our seas.

Shark Finning: A Brutal Reality

The cruel practice of shark finning is pushing these essential predators to the brink of extinction. Ending shark finning is crucial for maintaining the ocean's natural balance.

Ocean Acidification: A Silent Threat

Rising CO2 levels are causing our oceans to become more acidic, endangering marine life and ecosystems. This hidden danger needs urgent attention to protect oceanic biodiversity.

Mercury Pollution: A Toxic Concern

Industrial pollution is contaminating our oceans with mercury, a dangerous toxin that works its way up the food chain, directly impacting our health and the health of marine life.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This vast accumulation of plastic and debris in the Pacific Ocean is a stark reminder of the enduring impact of our waste. Cleaning up our oceans is not just necessary, it's urgent.

OCEA is designed to contribute significantly to the preservation and restoration of oceans and seas. This concept uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to fund, incentivize, and drive initiatives focused on marine conservation. Here’s how OCEA could potentially work towards achieving its goals:

OCEA tokens could be used to finance a wide range of ocean conservation projects. These might include coral reef restoration, ocean clean-up initiatives, protection of endangered marine species, sustainable fishing practices, and research into oceanic ecosystems.

Businesses and individuals engaging in eco-friendly practices that benefit the ocean, like reducing plastic usage, engaging in responsible fishing, or developing sustainable maritime technology, could earn OCEA tokens as rewards. This incentivization model would encourage more environmentally conscious behavior.

A portion of the funds raised through OCEA transactions could be allocated to support scientific research on marine biology, oceanography, and technologies that help in ocean conservation, like biodegradable materials or efficient waste management techniques.

OCEA could be used to promote educational programs focused on the importance of oceans, the challenges they face, and the role individuals and communities can play in their preservation. This would help in building a more informed and engaged public.

Collaborating with established environmental organizations, NGOs, and international bodies working on marine conservation would amplify the impact of OCEA. These partnerships could ensure that funds are used effectively and aligned with expert-led initiatives.

OCEA could be integrated into carbon credit markets, particularly focusing on “blue carbon” – carbon captured and stored in coastal and marine ecosystems. By investing in the protection and restoration of these ecosystems, OCEA could contribute to climate change mitigation efforts.

As a digital currency, OCEA could enable people from all over the world to participate in ocean conservation efforts, making it a universally accessible tool for environmental action.

Leveraging blockchain technology, OCEA transactions and their environmental impacts could be transparently tracked and reported, ensuring accountability and building trust among users and investors.

OCEA could help create a market-driven approach to ocean health, where the value of healthy oceans and sustainable practices is recognized and economically incentivized.

Funds from OCEA could be used to support policy advocacy for the protection of oceans, lobbying for regulations that prevent overfishing, pollution, and other harmful activities.

By combining financial incentives, community engagement, support for research and innovation, and policy advocacy, OCEA could play a vital role in preserving and improving the health of oceans and seas globally.

OCEA features


Limited to 1,000,000,000,163 OCEA tokens, ensuring value and exclusivity


Each OCEA token is precisely divisible to 18 decimal points.


OCEA breaks down financial barriers, offering a global currency for trade and payments.

Store of Value

Protect your wealth and the oceans with OCEA.


Experience global exchange without government or institutional constraints.


Built on the robust Bitcoin Blockchain.


Nearly impossible to counterfeit, thanks to blockchain technology.

Affordable and Accessible

OCEA offers an affordable entry point into the cryptocurrency market, making it accessible to all who wish to contribute to ocean preservation.

ICO Conversion rate

1 OCEA Token = 0.01 SAT

With OCEA, every token is a drop in the ocean of change. Join us in turning the tide for our oceans. Together, we can make waves for a sustainable future.

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